Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I want a poem

Wordle: poem

I wanna poem to tell me
it’ll be okay.

I want a poem to say
all the stray words
stuck in my throat.

I want to toke on it, roll
the bits into thin paper, light
the end, and inhale long.

Yeah, I want a strong antidote
of meter and rhyme, telling me
this time hopelessness is just
a long word for lost faith.

So gimme a poem.

Show me how the grey expanse
gives way to cerulean.

Give me words I can chew,
metaphors I can swallow,
images I can drink.

Cover me with a blanket
crocheted with rhyme.

I need the measure of poetry,
to rid me of this stilted, prose life.

I’m holding a blade to my neck,
and that’s not a metaphor.

So please, gimme a poem.

©Ami Mattison