Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I want a poem

Wordle: poem

I wanna poem to tell me
it’ll be okay.

I want a poem to say
all the stray words
stuck in my throat.

I want to toke on it, roll
the bits into thin paper, light
the end, and inhale long.

Yeah, I want a strong antidote
of meter and rhyme, telling me
this time hopelessness is just
a long word for lost faith.

So gimme a poem.

Show me how the grey expanse
gives way to cerulean.

Give me words I can chew,
metaphors I can swallow,
images I can drink.

Cover me with a blanket
crocheted with rhyme.

I need the measure of poetry,
to rid me of this stilted, prose life.

I’m holding a blade to my neck,
and that’s not a metaphor.

So please, gimme a poem.

©Ami Mattison


  1. I love the notion of a blanket croqueted with rhyme. Nice.

  2. I love this!

    I want one, too!

  3. What wonderful imagery for asking! Love it!

  4. roll that poem up and pass her around...smiles. a poem i will toke...i mean take...

  5. Put the damn knife down, drama queen. The poems are in you. Find them, and in the finding, you will find the pony behind all this horse shit. Then we'll stop for ice cream. Or gin. Your choice.

  6. Lovely write, Ami, straight from the heart...

  7. hows the poetry class/workshop going?

  8. Ask and ye shall receive. This should cheer you up! No Worries