Monday, January 24, 2011

cracked open

crack open her heart and pour the thickened

liquid in a cup so I might sip on sadness pluck

dandelions from her hair scatter and wish her to the wind

finger the fine bones her inner ear vibrating silence

between us the stubborn bud bulldozed and paved

still finds a way to grow in cracked cemented spaces

push its head upwards towards the sun a single syllable

undone our words are final threads of an ancient quilt

exposed to air shredding there is there is there love

there the sky contracts expands at the whim of clouds

she parts and breaks a storm wets the east the south

the north the west of me I sip half empty her cracked open

©Ami Mattison, 2011

Previously published in The Maple Tree Literary Supplement, Issue 7, August 2010.

Flickr photo courtesy of GMA Lou


  1. Excellent use of internal, off-kilter rhyming and an interior refrain--"is there"--really gives this piece character, and puts the message across, well-circled throughout and brought home in the final line, of things broken still living, even loved and well used.

  2. What imagery! I especially liked the dandelion plucked from her hair and blown to the wind.

    I'm glad I came back to read this one!