Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Hungry

The coffee maker
and microwave died.

The oven is treacherous.

I haven’t washed dishes
in four months.

I have one pot, one spoon, and one knife
I use over and over again.

I’m subsisting on peanut butter
sandwiches and cold canned food.

My stomach won’t stop growling.

Sometimes, I wake at night, eating
my bed sheets.

© Ami Mattison

For G-Man's Flash Friday 55


  1. you really should go read janna's 55 then she found a way to stretch a bowl of soup thankfully i have never been this hungry...well not since college...this made me feel like college a bit...i was so hungry i ate asparagus once...from a can no was all that was left in the cupboard...happy friday ami!

  2. Eating asparagus is not a penance, brian--though from a can, a bit of a sacrilege. I like this one, Ami, and you can fry up some onions from the last one to go with it. Love that line "The oven is treacherous." Mine, too. Every time I use it it takes a different amount of time to cook the same thing.

  3. The treacherous oven stood out to me, too. And the sheet eating. Dark times.

  4. love this one ami...and i could live on peanut butter for a while..smiles

  5. Eating the sheets is better than chewing the scenery, dahlink!