Saturday, April 9, 2011

Touchdown Jesus

Lightning struck Jesus, a stone bust
ascending from a fountain of faith
along I-75 in Ohio.  His arms, six stories
high and stretching towards heaven,
he was a joke among locals. He suffered
eighteen-wheeler exhaust and finger-pointing.

His pleading expression was immoveable
until God’s jagged fire set him aflame
and burned him to the ground.

Solid Rock churchgoers were undaunted
in their belief, took the burning as God’s way
of saying they needed a new Jesus, this one
standing, full-figured, his arms outstretched
again towards God and begging to be spared
from natural disasters.

The resurrection took place on a bright autumn day.
Folks parked, pulled out grills and set up chairs.
Ate popcorn and prayed God would bless them
for their devotion with lives as large as Jesus.

© Ami Mattison


  1. I've heard of that statue(we have a Giant Concrete Cross here that is jealous) but not that it had been struck by lightning. Dare I say, poetic justice? I'm lovin the popcorn, and even slightly sad for the grandiose hopes of the misguided spectators at god's little joke. A great subject for a poem,Ami,and you handled it adroitly.

  2. ok, its still kinda creepy....just saying. i remember when it was struck...holding comments...i hope they are blessed

  3. I remember when it burned, and I posted about it on Objets D'art lol. Fie-ah, I bid you to burn....

  4. This made me laugh so hard-- especially that second stanza. The ability to write comic poetry is truly a gift-- one I do not possess. You nailed this-- uh, pardon the really bad pun.