Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Mother's Lament

Light bulbs blew in room after room
while the houseplants withered and
died. I closed the window blinds
against the summer sun.

But I couldn’t block out the sounds
of the neighbors’ children. Their squealing
laughter interrupted my mid-day sleep,
and the high-pitched peals shattered
my glass dreams of holding tight
your small, live body.

© Ami Mattison

For G-Man's Friday Flash 55

Photo courtesy of cheishichiyo


  1. Dang Ami...
    Somber, powerful, and a PERFECT post!
    Loved your sad 55 My Friend.
    And it's always a pleasure to have YOU play!!
    Thanks again, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. OMG...
    Another Checkered Flag!!!
    I'm On Fire!!!
    And first...:P

  3. dam i was all enjoying the sound of the kids til you hit me with the baseball i am gasping for breath...nicely done got it.

  4. Sometimes the shortest poems have the most to tell, like a snapshot says it all about the subject sometimes. This is excellent, Ami.

  5. You captured the deepest depression. In so dark a place, you don't even care enough to change the light bulbs. And sleep is no shelter. Ugh. I feel bad for whoever commented after you on g-man's page. Even while I am reading their post, I will be thinking about yours. Well done.

  6. The laughter of children remains, despite all the sorrows of the world.

    Nice 55, Ami!

  7. Ok, I am a bit emotional today, but this totally made me cry. That ending. Gah.

  8. Oh, damn. This is like a slap in the face. Absolutely brilliant.

  9. This really moved me.
    A small live body, very impactful, as said above.
    You have a great talent, obviously.Thanks for sharing it.

  10. oh my amy - this one hit hard - excellent write

  11. Too bad it ended at 55...wanted to know more!

  12. Such a sad undertone to this piece. When you put the words with the picture, it is almost haunting. I am having fun with my first flash fiction 55.

  13. I live VERY close to a kiddie park, so I hear the little ones all summer long.

  14. The worst pain in the world, Ami...