Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus Weeps

How many times I died
I lost count.  With every plea,
I gave a piece of me.

Water into wine, men’s madness 
cast upon swine—miracles
emerged from flesh,
blood, tooth, bone.

She was the only one
who loved me.

I died a thousand deaths,
was reborn when she kissed
my feet with her hair.

© Ami Mattison

For G-Man's Good Friday Flash 55


  1. ooo...nice way to go controversial ami...hehe...ironically my fav passage is of the immoral woman annointing jesus feet...the both of them would have smelled of her worship for days...hmm....

  2. I think I would have Loved Mary Magdalene as well.
    Fantastic Good Friday 55 Ami..
    You sure can write with The best of them!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Easter!

  3. they understood each other in their honesty... i love the story of the woman washing jesus' feet with her tears - much devotion and passion in this act..have a lovely friday ami

  4. Lovely poem, Ami. The Magdalene is an interesting figure to me, and I like the way you've treated her here. It's a question these days whether she was ever a prostitute, scripture merely stating Jesus cleansed her of "seven demons." What is clear is her transforming love and devotion, as you've portrayed beautifully here.

  5. I loved this. From the swirling insanity to the simple act of humanity. Just beautiful.

  6. ...and do we really know who Mary M was and what her relationship was with Jesus?

  7. Love those last lines. I was gonna write about Jesus today. Maybe tomorrow.

  8. Beautiful poem. Great tribute. I am glad I finally had time to come over.

  9. So beautiful...the last stanza is gut wrenching in its simplicity.
    Loved it!